It takes an army- G’Day 2- Australian Open 2012

Jacob Martin and Clement Moral discuss tennis string

Well, today we set up the suite!

When we got here we had over 50+ boxes calling our name. Between the rackets, bags, string, grips and everything, we really are tennis’ traveling circus!! haha

We are fortunate enough to have some great people like Dianne B and our team in Chicago that get all our stuff here and make sure we are geared up for the players. It takes an army for this Tour Team to be successful!!!

Everything went pretty smoothly today, no big hiccups and we definitely got an upgrade on the suite this year…..think the players will be happy.

I know Jacob, Clement and I are enjoying it thus far…. we have a Nespresso machine to keep us well caffiened up to stay awake and fight our jetlag!!! 😉

We managed to catch up with Milos Raonic a little bit as he is staying at the same hotel as us. He is coming off a great win in Chennai…he told that before the final, he had not packed his bags, so after collecting the trophy, he rushed back to the hotel, packed his bags and hit the midnight flight to Melbourne to make it to play the popular Kooyong exo, which starts tomorrow. It’s amazing how much changes in a year…. he was qualifying here last year and now he is a legit title contender!! It’s awesome to see our Next Gen fulfill their potential.

Tomorrow qualies starts, we will be scouting & watching some of our 2012 Next Gen’rs…… so we will be on site, trying to bring you guys some fun photos from the tourny.

Until later, check out a little video of the suite here:


PS the photo is of Jacob and Clement, geekin out and talking tennis string… looks like they are doing a string challenge… could be something new for 2012, right?! 😛


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