Kei Nishikori spins Djokovic out of Basel

Kei Nishikori is continuing his strong run at the end of this ATP Calendar year.  Following his two singles wins in Davis Cup, Kei has reached the semi’s in Kuala Lumpur ATP (win over #11 Almagro), semi’s in Shanghai (win over #8 Tsonga) and this week in Basel, after a win over #6 Berdych, he now gets a HUGE win over world #1 Djokovic…handing Djokovic only his 4th loss of the year.

Kei is taking it to new levels….. this marks his 1st win over a world #1 and will likely be ranked within the Top 30 after this week. It’s awesome to see Kei going BIG…what’s the key to his new-found success? Could it be the racket? Could it be his upped fitness level? Could it be his coaching team? Who knows?! We are just proud Kei is doing well!!




4 responses to “Kei Nishikori spins Djokovic out of Basel

  1. Djokovic and Federer are best players in history of tennis.


  2. Great pic of Kei. Is that a new design of the same racquet he normally uses. Was this done just for him or is there a cosmetic overhaul coming for all BLX racquets?

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