Wilson Tour Girls Prove it…….Blondes do have MORE FUN!

Sabine Lisicki plays a big forehand with her Wilson Blade 98 Pink BLX tennis racquet


Our Wilson Tour team girls proved it today…..Blondes do have MORE FUN!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a great day for the Wilson team as Sabine Lisicki and Petra Kvitova moved on to the semifinals of Wimbledon after tough three setters.

I have to say that I was extremely nervous watching matches today….they both had chances to close the match in the second, got a bit tight, but were able to compose themselves to truly make a statement in the third set.

It’s really not very often that I watch and get so imvested in the match. Both Petra and Sabine are two of my favorite Wilson players because they are extremely nice people, sincere, polite and thankful each and everytime we see them at the Wilson players suite and we root extra hard for them! They are two fantastic people and it’s great to see them reach new heights in their careers.

To see Sabine comeback from injury and play some of her best tennis with the Wilson Blade 98 Pink BLX racquet in hand is amazing…..there were some doubters on our Facebook page and so TAKE THAT YOU MEANIES!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ and hopefully she can pull another upset tomorrow against Sharpova.

For Renaud and our tour team, it is especially gratifying to see Petra do well. Renaud has believed in Petra’s capabilities for many years and to see her start reaching her potential (now ranked Top 10) and consistantly going deep in majors, it’s really something special. This is what the Tour Team is about, believing in our players and supporting them through all the levels to help them reach their goals.

For me, it’s been really great to see Petra develop since I joined the Wilson team 3 1/2 years ago and Renaud kept talking about her. I was instantly impressed with her power and focus. In 2009, she had her first big win over then #1 to defeat Safina and directly following that match, we had her do an autograph session at the Wilson store at the US Open……it was her 1st EVER!!! She was so cute, a bit nervous and giddy. For any player, the 1st autograph session is the most fun and memorable.ย  It was super neat to be part of that experience with her and I love looking back at those type of experiences with the players….perhaps the most rewarding part of my job…..

There is no doubt Petra will be signing tons more autographs in the years to come and we hope we game continues to flourish with the Wilson Team!!!

Here’s a throwback video from that time in 2009 and one of the first interviews we did with Petra.

Check it out!

Until later, Tracy





One response to “Wilson Tour Girls Prove it…….Blondes do have MORE FUN!

  1. Good luck Petra! I feel it… you are going to win your first Wimbledon with your Wilson Tour!

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