Wilson Next Gen’rs- The NEXT step

Simona Halep get psyched with her Wilson Blade 98 Pink BLX tennis racquet in hand

Hey all,

Well, there are some great matches and for me, we are at one of my favorite parts of the tournament….seeing if our young upcoming players take the main stage and become big timers…

We all know that these kids have great talent, but the next step is pulling a big upset and to start beating the household names that every tennis fan watches.

For me, to see the evolution of a young player is one of the most fun parts of being around the game.

You think about defining moments in players careers….Roger Federer’s breakthrough at Wimbledon was when he defeated Pete Sampras…. these are the moments that the world hears about these players, but we have been following them for years. The Tour team commits to finding the brightest players from a young age and to see them to develop and reach their potential is some of the most rewarding moments of our job.

Today, a few of our Next Gen players have the opportunity to have a defining moment and show their true capabilities.

Right now, Simona Halep is on court with her Blade 98 Pink racquet and took the first set against Serena….anyone can win a set, but can she close on a great champion? Simona’s talent is deep and will see if she can pull the upset.

Grigor Dimitrov will take the court against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga later today…this is a great opportunity to see if Grigor is ready to swing his Wilson Six.One Tour BLX racquet to his goal of Top 50 for the year.

Hometown favorite Laura Robson will use her Wilson Blade 98 Pink BLX racquet to try to take down Maria Sharapova. Laura has great hands and feel for the ball…will she be able to control Sharapova’s power and get the biggest win of her career?

All exciting stuff and we hope to see some of our Next Gen’rs reach new heights today!!

Until later, Tracy

Grigor Dimitrov swings his Wilson Six.One Tour BLX racquet

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