Milos Raonic answers your Facebook fan questions

Milos Raonic plays with the Wilson Blade 98 tennis racquet

Milos Raonic is now one of the Top 50 players on the ATP Tour. Milos became the first Canadian to win a singles title in 16 years after taking home the SAP Open title in San Jose less than a month ago. He followed that win with a finals appearance in San Jose and beating World #9 Verdasco for the second consecutive week. Milos now finds himself at a career high #37 on the ATP Tour rankings, making him the highest ranked Canadian player in history. There is no doubt he is one of the most exciting players on tour right now.

We caught up with Milos to get some of your Facebook fan questions answered:

Bobby Bernstein asks: In your training have you used video?  And yes, what have you done with it and how has it helped you?Thanks. Keep up the good work. 

Milos: I do use video analysis a lot, to analyze myself and my opponents, I also use it to see where I can improve technically and my footwork 

John Paul Bohol asks: Who inspires you most? 

Milos: My family, they have always been there for me and supported me, also my idol growing up was Pete Sampras.

Jack Doyle  asks: If you could play doubles with any other tennis player, who would it be? 

Milos: Simply Sampras

Ryan Goring asks: I’m a parent and have 2 young sons that want to play the sport. Were your parents a big influence in your tennis life? and how did you start to play this beautiful game? 

Milos: Yeah they were a very big influence from the beginning they would drive me to all my practices and tournaments no matter how rediculous the time. And I started tennis casually because I was very into athletics and I started with only the ball machine at 6 am before school and 9 at night because that’s when court fees were the cheapest.

Mariska Oosterhuis asks: What other Wilson player would you like to play against, who you haven’t played before? 

Milos: Roger Federer 

Nataša Backović asks: Are you coming back to Montenegro? 🙂 We want you to!

Milos: Yes, I love going to Montenegro, and I will come there for vacation and to see my family.                                                                                 

Ricardito Gorostiaga asks: When are you switching to the BLX?

Milos: As soon as possible. I tried the rackets and I love the stabilty and feel from the new BLX line, yet the racket offers the same comfort and pop as the previous line.

Milos Raonic captures his first ATP Tour title


One response to “Milos Raonic answers your Facebook fan questions

  1. Did I hear you correctly yesterday that you are playing Sampras on Nov 17 at the Rogers Centre as they do not have anything.

    Thank you

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