Inside Wilson Next Gen ……….. Bogdan Borza

Bogdan Borza plays with the Wilson Six.One Team BLX tennis racquet

Bogdan Borza is another one of our outstanding Under Boys 14’s players.

Swinging his Wilson Six.One Team tennis racquet and sporting his Wilson tennis clothes and Tour Trance shoes, Bogdan Borza reached the finals of the prestigous Les Petits As tennis tournament.

We caught up with the 13 year old rising star to get to know him a bit better. Check out this interview with Bogdan

What was the coolest thing about playing Les Petits As?

The coolest thing was the match against Stefan Kozlov


 Who is your tennis idol?

My tennis idol is Novak Djokovic


 If you could play a doubles match w/ anyone dead or alive, who would  be the 3 people?

 I think with Federer, Djokovic and Illie Nastase


Best song to get pumped before a match

All of Michael Jackson’s songs


What is the worst trouble you have ever gotten into?

 I don’t make any troubles


What do you love about your Wilson racket?

 I love everything about my Wilson racket!! 


What’s the best part of being on the Wilson team?



Bogdan Borza


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