Wilson Baiardo and Wilson Stringers combine to be the B.E.S.T.

Wilson Baiardo string machine is the first stringing machine designed using the revolutionary Wilson B.E.S.T. stringing system (Biochemically Efficient Stringing Technology) and the only stringing machine used at the Australian Open, US Open and Sony Ericsson Open.

“To have three of the five most important tournaments utilize Baiardo really speaks volumes on how great this machine is,” says Ron Rocchi, Wilson Principal Designer and leader of the Wilson String Team. “A pro players racquet is the single most important instrument to them and Baiardo is trusted by the top players in the biggest arenas.”

With it’s multiple ergonomic features, Baiardo provides unprecedented user comfort as it automatically adjusts height and tilt 3 times during the stringing process  putting the string bed in a biomechanically perfect position. Baiardo is also the most customizable stringing machine, remembering all personal settings and is controlled with an industry-first touch screen interface that is intuitive and fast. With the B.E.S.T. system, stringers are faster and more efficient during a long day of stringing.

At the Australian Open with the Wilson String Team manning Baiardo, players were made ready to play their best tennis. From the moment a racquet is dropped off at the Official Wilson Stringing Room, the Wilson Stringing system was in action…..making sure each racquet is prepped, strung, wrapped and ready for court.  Consistency is an important part of performance.

“We take pride in providing great service for the best tennis players in the world,” said Rocchi. “Each racquet is treated with great detail and care.”

This years championship featured some Wilson Stringing firsts and records. To see the highlights and how your favorite players strung their rackets at this years Australian Open, click below.


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