Wilson Racquet Sports Rolls Out Social Media for First Grand Slam of the Year

Wilson Tennis has been the racquet sports industry leader in social media efforts and continues to take strides forward in 2011 as they use an array of online outlets to get in touch with tennis players and fans around the world.

With over 500 million active users, Facebook will play host to the Wilson Tennis couch during the Australian Open. Attendees of this year’s Australian Open championship will have the opportunity to sit on the Wilson Tennis couch. Once the photo is taken, they will have the opportunity to collect their photo on Wilson Tennis Facebook page and more importantly, choose to sit next to one of their favorite Wilson Tennis stars like Roger, Venus, Serena or Justine to get the ultimate racquet advice, digitally of course. www.facebook.com/wilsontennis

“Wilson is the #1 brand in tennis and we want to make sure that we are there for all the people who love our brand,” said Cory Springer, Wilson Global Business Director for Racquets. “We want to be accessible and interactive. It’s all about making it fun for everyone to be part of the Wilson team.”
Wilson will host live UStream broadcasts through the tournament with player interviews, a behind the scenes look at the stringing room, inside the Wilson player service area and great Wilson giveaways. www.ustream.tv/wilsontennis

If you still haven’t had your fill, fans can connect directly to Wilson’s Tour Team in Australia via Google talk or AIM chat. People can talk directly to the people who handle the top professional tennis players in the world like Federer, Williams sisters, Del Potro and many more. Get insight to the game, ask questions or simply get info on Wilson products.
Screen name: WilsonTourTeam

For the most up to date info from Australia, track Wilson Tennis on Twitter. www.twitter.com/wilsontennis


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