Interview with Juan Martin Del Potro

Juan Martin Del Potro plays with the Wilson Pro Tour BLX tennis racket

2009 US Open champ Juan Martin Del Potro is in Argentina getting ready for the 2011 season. We caught up with Juan Martin to get some of your questions answered. Enjoy this short interview with Juan Martin!


Question from Sigit Eric: What kind of strings do you use? How tight would you string it??

Juan Martin: I use Luxilon Alu Power 125 and string at 63 pounds


Question from Kiyoko Saito: If you were not a pro tennis player, what would you like to do for work?

Juan Martin: I would be an architect


Question from Jason Ciaccio: Why did u ever cut your long hair?! And what will be your next hair style?

Juan Martin: I cut it because I did not like it anymore, I think it was more of a teenager style, now I am a man!!!

Next cut, I don’t know lets see…….


Question from Emiliano Cassani: Que recomendación me das para poder controlar mis nervios a la hora de un partido?

Juan Martin: Los nervios afectan todos los jugadores, jo tambien soy muy nervioso cuando juego. Mi consejo es entrenar duro para despues tener la confianca que en el partido puedes haser la misma cosas que en el entrenamiento


Question from Arturs Lazdins: What is your favorite thing to do off court?

Juan Martin:I like to go on internet, watch football games and spend time with my family and friends


Question from Paul Heywood: How can I best use my height as an advantage on court?

Juan Martin: Work on your serve and volley…..You can cover the court better and the opponent will have problems passing you at the net, it will be tough to lob you and you can defenitly serve with better angle and power


Question from Chee Yan Tang: Would you prefer to date someone your height,  shorter or maybe…taller?

Juan Martin: Any size is fine as long as she is beautiful!!!!



One response to “Interview with Juan Martin Del Potro

  1. Great! I love to find out what my fav player likes and does.Please give us fans more info when you have it. I hope he find the right beautiful girl.

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