Exclusive Wilson players Nieminen and Keothavong going strong

Anne Keothavong decked out in all Wilson Tennis gear

Exclusive Wilson players Nieminen and Keothavong  going strong

Sporting Wilson Tennis gear from head to toe, Jarkko Nieminen and Anne Keothavong are playing some of their best tennis this week.

Jarkko Nieminen wore his Wilson Tour Vision sneakers and swung his Wilson Six.One 95 BLX tennis racket to speed past Blade 6-0 6-2 to reach the Stockholm semifinals.  It’s been a fantastic back half of the year for Nieminen, as he reached the finals of Bangkok and the quarterfinals of both Tokyo and Metz.

“Wilson is an elite performance brand and playing with the best stuff out there is helping me play some of my best tennis,” said Nieminen. “As Wilson’s first exclusive player, it’s nice to see the tour presence grow so that players around the globe recognize just how great Wilson is with all products.”

Nieminen will now take on Soderling for a spot in the final of the Stockholm Open.

In Luxembourg, Anne Keothavong swung her Wilson Tour BLX racket to reach the semifinals after defeating fellow Wilson player Iveta Benesova in three sets. Coming back from injury earlier this year, Keothavong has been climbing back up the ranks and has found her form this week, with wins over former Top 10 player Schnyder and former Top 20 player Razzano.

“Wilson has always been there for me for my rackets and with the new apparel, it’s just fantastic. There is definitely buzz around who’s wearing what in the locker room and it’ll be great to have even more players on the Wilson Team.”

Keothavong will play Vinci as she vies to reach her first WTA Tour singles final.

Jarkko Nieminen serves it up in style in Wilson Tennis apparel


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