Alla Kudryavtseva swings Wilson racket to first WTA Tour title

Alla Kudryavtseva swings her Wilson Blade Team racket to victory

Alla Kudryavtseva swings Wilson racket to first WTA Tour title

Swinging her Wilson Blade Team tennis racket, Alla Kudryavtseva captured her 1st WTA Tour title in Tashkent with a 6-4 6-4 win over Vesnina.

It’s been a great second half of the year for Kudryavtseva as she reached a career high #27 in doubles on the WTA Tour in August and now she has found her stride on the singles court. Nine days ago in Guangzhou, Kudryavtseva had never been past the quarters of a WTA Tour singles event. She made the finals of Guangzhou and this week she upset #2 seed Amanmuradova and #4 seed Vesnina en route to the Tashkent Open title.

We caught up with the 22 year old Kudryavtseva after her maiden title win.

Q: Congrats on a great tournament in Tashkent! How does it feel to win your first WTA Tour title?

Alla Kudryavtseva: It feels great. I’m very happy. It was a fantastic experience. I had an amazing 2 weeks reaching the finals week before and then winning the event in Tashkent.

Q: If you could invite 3 celebrities or people to celebrate your win with you, who would they be?

Alla Kudryavtseva: My family (my mom ,dad and brother)! I was really lucky my father was with me at that tournament. It was great to share this moment with him.

Q: Russia is known for their vodka, what is your favorite adult beverage?

Alla Kudryavtseva: Haha Vodka is not a very girly drink. And as an athlete I don’t really drink. I can have an occasional cosmopolitan or a glass of champagne .

Q: If you were to karaoke, what song would you sing?

Alla Kudryavtseva: Great question. I’m not much of a singer…. But with my friends help I would love to do Whitney Huston “I wanna dance with somebody” or Pointer Sisters “I’m so excited”  or Beyonce “Irreplaceable”. But only with my friends. Listening to me sing can be a real challenge though….  

Q: What do you love about your Wilson Blade Team racket?

Alla Kudryavtseva: It’s a really good racket for me. It provides a lot of power, control and the tighter stringing pattern really grabs the spins. I love it.


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