Groth swings Wilson BLX to 1st WTA Tour title

Jarka Groth swings her Wilson Pro Open BLX racket to victory


Groth swings Wilson BLX to 1st WTA Tour title

Swinging her Wilson Pro Open BLX racket, Jarmila Groth capped a breakthrough summer winning her first Sony Ericsson WTA Tour title at the Landsky Lighting Guangzhou International Women’s Open tennis tournament.

“I’m feeling great!” exclaimed Groth. “This has been a great year for me…. I’ve had some of my best results with my BLX racket and I want it to continue!”

Groth, who reached the Round of 16 at both the French Open and Wimbledon, was a solid first seed throughout the week in Guangzhou, losing just 15 games total, which marked the least amount of games lost en route to a title this year. She ended the career week off with a 6-1 6-4 win over fellow Wilson player Alla Kudryavtseva. Groth’s title win catapults her into the Top 50 on the WTA Tour rankings for the first time in her career.

“Jarka is having a strong finish to the year and we can only expect for her to build on this great result,” said Massimo Calvelli, Wilson Global Tour Director. “We look forward to watching her have strong 2011.”

Jarka Groth wins her 1st WTA Tour title


Quick questions with Jarmila “Jarka” Groth……

How are you going to celebrate the title win? I am here alone so don’t have anybody to celebrate with and also tomorrow I am flying to Seoul where I am playing on Tuesday. But I am sure my husband celebrated it for me with my coach 🙂

Who is more competitive, you or your husband? Do you ever get competitive with each other (ie board games, etc.)? We both are very competitive way, too much, so if we want our marriage to work can’t play any games against each other otherwise one of us will get angry 🙂

What is the weirdest or funniest Tweet you have ever received?  Funny tweet I got? hmmm Maybe, the one when I was asked if I will play Wimbledon next year?!:) but otherwise I get lots of them who support me which is awesome!!

What do you love about your Wilson Pro Tour BLX racket? I always loved my rackets! I been with Wilson since I started and I can say it’s the best. I love the feeling of it and I always know I can count on it and I know it’s mine and can feel everything I need to 🙂 and it helps me win!!

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