US Open- We never sleep!!

Well, I have to start with an apology as I have not been on top of the blogs as much as I should!!

It’s been extremely busy for the Tour Team as this is an important time leading into 2010 and we are working hard……

But we do manage to have some fun!!

Last night we had a very late dinner after a long day at the courts and Massimo decided that is was very important for us to find a Coldstone Creamery at 11:50pm at night…. wow, that sounds pretty scary as I write it….

Anyway, as we were searching for Coldstone, we ran into one of our players and started talking about our new 2010 Wilson apparel.  The new stuff looks cool and is designed for the true athletes and we want to get some players wearing our stuff and this player is perfect for this line… we are going to send some stuff and see if it works…….Even at midnight we are still working to get the right players on the Wilson Team!!! 🙂

The tournament is going well so far and it is great to see so many of our players having a “breakout” tournament. In particular, it was really cool to see Melanie Oudin take another big step to reaching the Top of the WTA as she defeated Dementiava.

The first time I saw her play was when I was coaching a junior team competiation called Mills Regrave when I was coaching Florida and she was a player for the Georgia team about 6 years ago….even then it was clear she was a special player. A few years after that, she played a challenger that I was the tournament director at in Florida and she continued to impress. It’s always awesome to see players grow into their games and reach their potential……Most importantly, she is a very nice girl and it is always nice to see a player come into their own while still keeping a level head.

I’m sure there will be many more great stories around Melanie and her career.

Adam has worked very closely with Melanie for Wilson and all of Wilson is proud to have Melanie on the Wilson Team.

I know I am cutting this short, but Bethanie Mattek-Sands has come to the suite to pick up her stuff, so I need to get back to work!!

have a great weekend


Massimo just mesmerized by the Coldstone Creamery

Massimo just mesmerized by the Coldstone Creamery



Massimo and Renaud in Time Square

Massimo and Renaud in Time SquareMelanie Oudin with her sister as she does an autograph session