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It’s been another great week here at Wilson HQ.   My family was in town on Monday and I gave them a tour of the building.   They were blown away at how cool our HQ is.   Almost every wall here is decorated with Wilson products.  Rackets, bags, shoes clothes string, if we make it, it’s doubling as a decoration here.    There favorite part of the tour was the Wilson Tennis Ball felt wall on the 12th floor.  They headed home Tuesday morning, and by that afternoon I was getting calls and text message about how they missed the beautiful Chicago summer weather.

If you happen to stop by the Wilson Demo day at the Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center in Raleigh North Carolina on August 28, you’ll get to see some of my handiwork.  I spent the better part of Monday restringing all our Demos for that event with Hollow Core so they should play great.

I also spent a good chunk of this week digging though our Luxlion ask the expert questions for our string department.   There are a lot of boring questions like “What string and tension should I use?” but there are also some great questions and responses.  Ryan wanted me to dig though to find him some of those great answers, and they will eventually make their way to the Baiardo Website.

If you can’t wait for them to get posted, go directly to the source

One of the highlights of the week for me was Wednesday morning.   Tracy come into the office all Excited because on the train she saw a guy with a rather unusual Tattoo on his arm.   It was the Cobra symbol from G.I. Joe (Not to be confused with our Racket, the Kobra, which would make an equally awesome tattoo).  She was so excited about it she had to take a picture of it to show the office. I think we all know what movie he’s going to see tonight.

Yesterday the office took Jessie and I out to lunch to celebrate our internship.  Pretty much the whole floor came out to say goodbye to us, and to eat deep dish pizza, but mostly to say goodbye.  I’m leaving next week, so it’ll be tough to say goodbye to all the friends I’ve made up here, but at least they’re letting me take all my new gear back with me. J

Well it’s about time to head out on the Rainy Friday afternoon.  I was going to play tennis this afternoon, but I think the weather has changed that plan to Indoor Put Put.   Maybe I should see if I can take a Wilson Putter with me. Hope you have a great weekend.

Wilson HQ

Wilson HQ


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