Wilson internship Experience for Stephen

Hi Everyone I’m Stephen, the other intern here at Wilson Headquarters.   I just graduated from LSU, where I served as equipment manager for the Men’s Tennis Team, and where I will be returning for grad school in the fall.   Living up here in Chicago has been quite a different experience for me, since I was born and raised in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  I didn’t exactly go far for college.  LSU was within walking distance of my high school.   One of the biggest differences had been the food.  Though I have acquired a taste for Italian Beef with the hots and sweets, I still think I prefer my Cajun Cuisine.   It’s been fun living up here, though I do miss my family.  This week though I’m going to get the best of both worlds, since my brother (an engineering major at LSU and equipment manager for the Women’s Tennis Team)  is flying to Chicago to stay with me for the rest of the summer. 

My day to day activates aren’t too different from Jessie’s (the other intern).   I do lots of Excel spreadsheets and order entry.  That can be a grind at times.  There are two key differences though.  The first is that I do all the stringing for our floor.  That suits me just fine, since I get way more excited about strings and stringing than any human being should.   I first learned how to string when I began as a volunteer manager for the LSU Men’s tennis team as a freshman.   I’ve been hooked ever since, and am happy to say I’ve picked up a few new tricks from Cy since I got up here.   Stringing here is also a lot of fun since I get to do all the stringing on a Wilson Biardo, the Cadillac of Stringing machines.   This thing is amazing, if you’re a stringer or have any interest in stringing you should defiantly check out the Baiardo Website.  This machine is just unbelievable; it blows the Prince Neos I learned how to string on out of the water.   You have to see one for yourself.  The Second difference is that I get sit next to Tracy, which means I’ve heard her talk about everything from stories about the tour, to the Karate Kid.  (FYI, she’s a huge fan of that movie.)

The best part of working here at Wilson (maybe second best, after all the free Wilson gear) is the people.  The People here so much fun they can make the Excel Spreadsheets seem fun.   This fun attitude has spawned a good natured prank war.   It started with Erika getting me.   I have a stuffed Mike the Tiger (LSU’s Mascot) sitting on my desk.  One day while I was in the stringing room Erika took Mike and put him at my computer, like he was working, and put a cup of coffee in one of his Paws and a Wilson racket in the other.   I decided that I had to one up her for this, so I waited until she left the next day.  Once she was gone, I got a hold of some bubble wrap and covered everything on her desk with it.   The computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, books, rackets and pictures that were on here desk were all snuggly sealed in bubble wrap when she got to work the next morning. (Safety First)  We all got a good laugh out of this, even Erika.   The only down side is that I’m constantly looking over my shoulder waiting for her to get me back.  


Have a great day, congrats on surviving Monday, and enjoy your Tuesday!



Stephen getting ready to string up a racket

Stephen getting ready to string up a racket


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  1. Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

    I’m Out! 🙂

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