Wilson Interns get into the blogging action

Hey Everyone!


I’m going to give you a little insight into daily life here at Wilson as one of two interns here for the summer. First a little bit of background about who I am– I am going to be a senior at Dartmouth College where I am co-captain of the Women’s Tennis Team. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, so being able to work at Wilson and live at home is really a double treat. I was given the incredible opportunity to see a different side of the tennis industry by being named the ITA 2009 Wilson/ITA National Student-Athlete Promoter of the Year. I’ve played tennis since I was 10 years old so I have experienced the consumer side of the business, but being able to understand the immense amount of work, and huge number of people, it takes to get products out on the market has been the most eye opening part of my internship so far.


Personally, my activities vary drastically day to day, pretty much the only set thing is lunch at 12 o’clock! When I started I had no idea what I was going to be doing working in marketing on the racquet sports floor…and I am still definitely figuring it out. I’ve spent a lot of time entering orders for advisory staff members and steaming apparel for presentations. I’ve done player research for profiles to be sent in newsletters and updated many different databases…I am pretty sure I could use Microsoft Excel in my sleep now! Still, I have been able to sit in on some meetings to really get a feel for how an end product or promotion goes from being an idea, down through the grapevine, and finally to the consumer. Pretty cool considering I used to pick my racquets based on how I thought they looked!


Overall, I have really enjoyed my experience at Wilson…I get to talk about tennis all day, what could be better?!


Have a great weekend!




Wilson intern Jessica Adler

Wilson intern Jessica Adler


2 responses to “Wilson Interns get into the blogging action

  1. Dylan Richard

    Hello. My name is Dylan Richard and I am currently attending The University of Texas at Tyler. My major is sports marketing and i am about to be a junior. I was just commenting to see if there are any internships available for someone of my major and also, cause I play tennis too, if there was any available specifically in the tennis department of Wilson. If there is any information you can give me please let me know. Thanks!

    Dylan Richard

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