Wimbledon Day ????

Yesterday was extremely busy for the tour team.  We started the day off speaking about the 2010 apparel strategy with Claire, Wilson’s Global Apparel Director. It was great to see what we have lined up for 2010 and to have an open discussion of the team’s goal.

After we went to watch a lot of matches and it was great to see Roger Federer, Mardy Fish, Serena Williams, Sorana Cirstea and Philip Kohlschreiber make it through to the next round.

Then it was back to the house to distribute some player product and do some short interviews.

Jesse Levine (check out the interview below with his coach), Monica Niculescu, Andrei Pavel, Horia Tecau, Kristina Kucova, and a ton more people came to pick up some equipment. The line of the day: “Can I get more Pro Overgrip?”  Seems like that stuff goes like candy!!!

Nathalie Dechy also came by with her husband to say hello after they were shopping in the Wimby village and while she was here we asked her to answer a few questions.

So here it is:

WilsonTT: Why do you enjoy Wimbledon?

Nathalie: Because it’s the best tournament in the world!!!

WilsonTT: What do you think of the new stadium roof?

Nathalie: This year it’s uselesss because right now it’s so hot!!!

WilsonWTT: You’ve had great success in doubles, tell us what makes a great doubles player.

Nathalie: Making sure you have a good relationship with your partner is very important

Wilson WTT: You have played Mixed Doubles with fellow Wilson team member Andy Ram this year and we want some insight to Andy….

Nathalie: What can I say? Andy is the nicest guy I’ve ever played with and he is fun to be with on the court. He always has a lot of engery and is jumping around like a cat. I just love playing with him!

Wilson TT: And what is good about being on the Wilson team?

Nathalie: Wilson has great products and they look good too!!!

Nathalie Dechy hanging at the Wilson Wimbledon house

Nathalie Dechy hanging at the Wilson Wimbledon house


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