Wilson ready for 1st round play

Play starts in just a few hours and Wilson players are all ready to go.
Yesterday, we had quite a few of our players stopped by to pick up rackets, grips, and bags.
Ekaterina Makarova stopped by to pick up 6 new [K]Tour rackets.
Paul Henri Mathieu picked up six [K]Blade 98, a couple of reels of Luxilon Alu Power Rough, 4 “W” dampeners and an Eco Pro Tour bag.
Yung- Jan Chan stopped by to pick up a new Eco Pro Tour bag and also did a short interview in Mandarin Chinese, that will be posted shortly.
Nathalie Grandin came by to pick up some new [K]Tour 95’s, a travel bag, and some Wilson Pro Overgrip.
Swedish player Robert Lindstedt was around hanging out for a bit and told us about a blog he is doing on http://www.answermyquestionjerk.se – an interesting name for a blog to say the least…..check it out!
Also,I have received some questions regarding the amount of rackets players carry etc.
The “average” tour player carries 6-8 rackets at all times.
Most players receive 15-18 rackets per year.
Our most popular items with players??? Wilson Pro Overgrip!!! 🙂
The weather has been great the past couple of days, so let’s hope it holds up!!

I’m about to head to the courts, so check out our Twitter and Facebook pages tomorrow, as I will be updating as we walk around the grounds.

Have a great day and ttyl


ps Q38 is the best




Ekaterina Makarova picking up some new sticks

Ekaterina Makarova picking up some new K Tour sticks

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