Three quick questions with Phillipp Kohlschreiber…

Philipp Kohlschreiber gets pumped

Philipp Kohlschreiber gets pumped


Today at our suite, Mr. Phillipp KOHLSCHREIBER stopped by to pick up some equipment after he finished his match. In a match that began yesterday against Juan Carlos FERRERO (2003 Roland Garros Champion), Phillipp jumped out to a two set to one lead. FERRERO climbed back into the match by winning the fourth set in a tiebreaker, and play was suspended due to darkness. Today, Phillipp battled to a 6-3 victory in the fifth set to reach his first French Open Third Round.

After discussing equipment and helping Phillipp prepare for the rest of the event, we (Wilson Tour Team) had a chance to ask Phillipp three quick questions:

WTT: How did you feel taking down former French Open Champ JC Ferrero in five sets?

PK: “It feels really great. I mean, I was watching him four or five years ago on television. He was one of the greatest clay-court players of our time and it feels great to battle and take this guy down.”

WTT: Who do you play next round?

PK: “I look forward to taking on Novak Djokovic, former Wilson player, and I’m hoping my weapon is stronger than his weapon…”

WTT: What do you like to do in Paris after winning a big match?

PK: “Well, I would say after a hard match…I would say rest. I know it sounds boring, but hopefully it will be a long time here in Paris, so I have to keep every energy for tennis. After, of course, I go shopping with my girlfriend.”

showing the tattoo after a victory!

showing the tattoo after a victory!


2 responses to “Three quick questions with Phillipp Kohlschreiber…

  1. Hey…great blogs. Keep it up. Wish I was there and make sure you visit my fav…Le entrecote…for steak/frites…

    Coombsie the Canuck

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