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Paris - 09 404

Wonderful Paris


Today is my last day in Paris  and my plane back to Munich leaves at lunchtime.

I always feel a little bit awkward when I leave a Grand Slam. I had 10 very busy days in Paris, but also some challenging moments and I met a lot of interesting people. On the one hand, I do not want to go back home, but stay till the final to see who is winning this time (hopefully Mister Federer :0) – I am going to keep my fingers crossed for him from home for sure!) . On the other hand it also feels good going back home seeing my family and friends again and sleeping in my own bed. Tonight is a birthday party of one of my friends, so I am very glad being able to join and celebrate her birthday with all our friends.

Paris - 09 365

Good Bye Paris...and....


…..See you next year!

2 responses to “Bye-Bye Paris

  1. With the rainy weather, does that affect the players choice of string? What is the most popular Wilson string for the players at the French Open?

    • Generally speaking the waether will not effect the the type of string that the players use, but it will determine the tension that the players are stringing the rackets at.
      In most cases, the heavy and wet conditions will make the player drop their string tension.
      We have not received all our info on stringing during the French yet, but here is a link to the string log from this years Sony Ericsson Open provided by the Official Stringers of Sony E, Luxilon.
      Hope you find the info interesting!

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