We want to hear from you!

to all of our faithful blog readers:

We have been writing and writing from the Wilson suite here in Paris, and as a team we have been wondering to each other, “Is anybody reading out there?”

So, we are sending a specific request to hear YOUR questions, opinions, or comments. After a busy week of meetings and long hours at players’ service, we need some inspiration to keep these blogs going through the 2nd week of Roland Garros. Your concerns will be heard. Your thoughts will be considered. Your questions will be answered.

But only if you send us a comment!


13 responses to “We want to hear from you!

  1. Great work! Keep it up. Very informative

  2. Hello there, Nice to know there are Team guys working hard at the French.. Boy, Id rather be there than 6 hours on court today.. Maybe that is why not much on the blog.. We are all on court!! One of my students wants to know what Roger’s string tension is. Any unfo on how is racquet is doctored up would be great too.

    Jim McCready

    • Of course, weather conditions and surface can vary a players string tension, but at this year’s Miami tournament, Roger Federer strung his Wilson [K]Six-One Tour rackets at 21.5 kilos with a hybrid Wilson Natural Gut and Luxilon Alu Power Rough.
      PS Yes, the weather still needs to get better!!!

  3. Hi!
    I am on the mailing list, did check out your stories and pictures. If I am the first, do I get a Wilson Limited edition bag. I was planning a trip to Roland Garros next year. It was good to see a picture of one of my favorite doubles guys Mahesh. Keep it up and I will try to keep up!!!
    Lindy Frakes

    • Hi Lindy,

      Thanks for the note! We will look forward to seeing you at Roland Garros next year! Unfortunately, you need to win a Grand Slam before you visit to receive a limited edition bag!!!

      Ciao from Paris,


    • Lindy,
      Thanks for your email!!
      Roland Garros is definitely one of the best tournaments to visit and watch matches.
      The grounds are so pretty and everyone really loves tennis in Paris.
      Thank you for the feedback and support of our Wilson Tour Team players!!

      PS Great effort on trying to get a free bag!! 😉
      We will have some sweepstakes and giveaways in the near future.

  4. doblebreakpoint

    First comment from Argentina. Yeah, we read your blog dude, and it’s a great read!. It would be nice to know more player´s story about their stuff. How many rackets they took, or how many times anyone is stringing his racket.
    I know that my english isnt that good, but here is my opinion
    best regards

    • Thanks for the email.
      That is some great feedback and we will try to give you some more info on the players equipment and some insight into the players.
      And your English is just fine, so no worries!!
      have an awesome day

  5. hi there,

    it’s so happy to see Wilson now has it’s own blog and share with all the tennis fans what is happening in Wilson, no matter your new product launch or tennis events.
    i will keep on checking this blog eveyday. great job Wilson Team, and Always #1 in tennis!
    by the way, i would like to know why Jo Wilfred Tsonga has changed his racket from K Blade Tour to Kobra Tour, any special reasons for this change? just wondering!


    • Andy,
      Jo-Wilfried is currently play testing the [K]obra Tour. He had been trying several of our new frames from the 2009 line and liked the [K]obra Tour, so wanted to play with it in a tournament.
      We will keep you updated on Jo-Wilfried’s racket progess 🙂
      Thanks for your question and have a great weekend


  6. I love the pictures! And it’s always fun to read feedback from players. Maybe post some photos on Twitter, too?

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