Rainy Day at the Wilson booth

Biggi`s Blog

Hello everybody,

unfortunately neither Philippe Chatrier nor Suzanne Lenglen do have a roof to cover the clay courts from heavy rain. That is why today all matches were suspended at 11:33am for almost two hours and there was no place for spectators to hide from those heavy water drops, except of course under their huge Roland Garros umbrellas.

DSC_0333Paris - 09 110DSC_0335

Also the player`s lounges were packed with people, either players, coaches, agents waiting for the matches to continue, other players waiting on their practice courts, everywhere you saw people waiting for the rain to stop and not a single seat was available at the player`s lounge.

That is why I decided to have a look at our Wilson booth, which is run by Wilson France. There are three very hard workers, who work the booth for the entire tournament, a total of 16 days from 9am to 8pm each day. They give good advises on our Wilson products, try to help the spectators out, market our rackets and also support our Tour Team whenever a player stops by who is in desperate need of lost equipment.


Clement Morel, Flavie Martinat, Clement Monnier


Intensely watching the TV. Maybe the rain has stopped?


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