Roland Garros kick off

Hey Guys!

The French Open just kicked off today! First day of the world clay court championships and trust me, it’s been pretty hectic out there!

The sun raised with a good 2 hours meeting; the entire Team got together over breakfast just to kick around some ideas about our Luxilon Tour Program. Luxilon is by far the hottest product on Tour and if you knew the real percentage of players using those strings you wouldn’t believe how popular it is!

But you know what? We wanna get even more players to use it and we wanna make it even stronger

Then we headed out to the site and started the “daily hunt for tickets”; every day in deed we have a long list of guests, customers, colleagues and friends who need help in securing tickets for the day and watch some tennis. That‘s a hard task as it looks like the entire world wants to have a place for the show, and of course seats are very limited, but… mission completed for today!

The second part of the morning was dedicated to meetings with players agents and, believe it or not,  in between I had to participate to a “push up contest” at the Wilson booth; one of the guys from our French office challenged me and of course I could not hold back… I just trashed him and left him in tears at his booth 😉

push ups at the Wilson booth!

push ups at the Wilson booth!

Then quick lunch with my good old friend Ugo, who happens to be the agent of Juan Martin Del Potro… and then a long chat with Roger’s agent just to discuss some new ideas and projects and to get some feedback on the things we already do together. 

Time to head back to the hotel for Players Service as that is the best way for us to see all our players and friends; we’re open for 2 weeks and they all swing by at some point. Today I had the pleasure to see Jonathan Erlich from Israel; he has been out for a while because of a bad arm injury and underwent a surgery, so I was really glad to see that he is back.

We actually used to play together years ago and I remember he kicked my b–t in a satellite in Israel; if I remember right I was seeded #2 there and he was a wild card or a qualifier… but for sure better than me, so no surprise he made it to Top 10 in Doubles and won the Australian Open in 2008.

Jony Erlich with his new Limited Edition Grand Slam Champion bag

Jony Erlich with his new Limited Edition Grand Slam Champion bag

Now it’s 8pm and we’re done and as I’m writing here I’m thinking that I still have a bit of energy for… a Workout! 

The day never ends here… I love Paris!



3 responses to “Roland Garros kick off

  1. I’ve heard that Luxilon is the best…although I’ve also heard that players are now starting to use hybrid strings–polyester and natural gut to give both power and control.

  2. Massi…
    The next time, we have to do a real video of our push up contest. I had in my team 3 persons, they can all confirm that U lose this contest…


  3. Kobra,
    If the goal was to do the least amount of push ups, congratulations, you won!

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