visitors from around the world…

When we return each day to the players’ suite at the Hotel Hilton to run our equipment service, we never know which characters are going to stop by…sometimes we host a player still out of breath and sweat-drenched from their practice session, sometimes we greet a coach seeking advice for his or her player’s choice of string,  sometimes we help an agent stopping by to quickly pick-up product for a young star, and sometimes (if we are VERY lucky) we entertain a tennis legend who has visited to spend some time catching up with the TOUR TEAM and to “talk shop”. Take a look below to see Roc and me joining the famous Australian coach Tony ROCHE for a photograph.

with Roc and Tony Roach

It was interesting to notice the way Tony approached our team…instead of an attitude of entitlement, he sat down and relaxed with our team for half an hour and only asked for one reel of string! Tony graciously asked us our opinions on a range of subjects from ‘the optimum unstrung weight of a professional player’s racquet’ to ‘the current status of Wilson’s tennis business’. You can imagine my excitement to take a picture with the 1966 Roland Garros Singles’ Champion…and the coach of Ivan Lendl, Patrick Rafter, Lleyton Hewitt, and Roger Federer. But beyond his accolades, I was excited to meet Tony and to discover his character as a true gentleman.

Later in the day, we enjoyed a BRAZILIAN INVASION. Tour player Thomaz BELLUCCI inked his equipment contract,

officially joining our Pro Tour Team!

but he also brought an entire posse with him, including Ricardo HOCEVAR and Joao “Feijao”  SOUZA…these Brazilian boys are looking to make their mark on tour as they lead a young contingent of countrymen. Lookout for Thomaz and cheer him on as he plays his first main draw Roland Garros, and check out these Brazilian guys joining me by the Wilson banners!

BOYS from Brazil

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