New Arrivals

Biggi`s Blog-Time

After this absolutely great blog from Adam, that exactly expresses my feelings, there is not a lot to add!

Well, that is not really true, because today, two very important people from our team flew into Paris…..

First of all Ron Rocchi, our racquet genius, arrived this morning from Chicago. He just arrived well in time to advise David and Sascha on Venus and Serena`s  equipment.


David, Ron and Sascha with the famous Grand Slam Bag


 Here they picked up our famous Grand Slam Bag: This bag will be exclusively carried by all of our Wilson Grand Slam Champions.

Grand Slam Bag Image LO

And today in the morning we delivered this famous Super Six to our No 1 Roger Federer.


Adam and Biggi at Roger`s hotel









Secondly Massi, our “leader”, arrived from Florence and how happy he is being here! But now the fun-part is over and the hard work begins ;0)


2 responses to “New Arrivals

  1. Terry O. Fugate

    Hey guys great blogs I just read all of your blogs today for the first time. I did have a question regarding equipment why did Venus and Serena choose the K Blade Team racquets to play with on the tour? I would have thought that the K Blade Team version would be to light for them to play with especially Serena as stong as she is do they use lead tape for any extra weight? I know they string their racquets with natural gut what tension do they use? At any rate great job guys WILSON IS SIMPLY THE BEST!!! Here’s to seeing someone on the Wilson Team take home the Championship this year!!!


    • Terry,
      As we mentioned in another response, we have not received all our info on stringing during the French yet, but here is a link to the string log from this years Sony Ericsson Open provided by the Official Stringers of Sony E, Luxilon.
      At the Sony Ericsson, Serena strung her racket at 65 lbs. and probably being on red clay and the conditions, the tension would be a little less than that.
      Rackets are a personal preference and it also depends on what you are used to. Players that grow up playing with lighter rackets and softer strings, etc. are not going to go to a heavy racket and stiff string because it would be too drastic a change. Serena and Venus have had success with the [K]Blade Team and we hope Serena can bring gome the title!!! 🙂
      Thanks for your question and support of our players!!!
      Hope you find the stringing info interesting


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