the highs and lows of Tour Team life…

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The first comment I receive from jealous friends when I say goodbye for another WILSON TOUR TEAM trip is often, “tough life, man…where to this time?”

And I must admit, some of our destinations are quite glamorous. The cities of the four Grand Slams alone offer the opportunity to experience unique international cultures on three continents. But, is there a price to be paid for the allure of travel?

My friends were right to be jealous after I spent Tuesday night exploring the city of Paris with my good friend and colleague Renaud. The rich displays of history and art and architecture on every winding street were incredible to witness. Take a peek at the view of LA TOUR EIFFEL lighting up like a Christmas tree, as is the hourly ritual:

look at that sparkle!

look at that sparkle!

The cultures of tournament locations are not the only perk…we also get a chance to spend time with interesting athletes from all over the world. Just yesterday Renaud shared a photo of Simona HALEP visiting our suite…and today we got a chance to see her win her first round in qualies against a former top-30 player! These kinds of moments are exciting…to feel like you are a part of a bigger process of junior players maturing into superstar professionals.

However, there are sacrifices to be made when leaving home. Tonight, my parents will be having a BBQ and watching my favorite baseball team (the Milwaukee Brewers of course!) and they have invited my girlfriend Kristin to attend. My father will be filling their bellies with his grillmaster specials…and they will be enjoying the typical lazy, hot evening of small town America. These kind of summer nights can compete with even the finest cities in the world.

And just this past weekend, my brother and his wife took home their first puppy! I have still been unable to meet the little guy, Desmond. I flew to Paris the same weekend he came home, and I won’t be able to hold him and spoil him like a good uncle should until June! Take a peek at Desi (as my brother’s wife likes to call him):

look how tiny he is!!!

look how tiny he is!!!

I hope this gives you some idea of the daily highs and lows of WILSON TOUR TEAM life…


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  1. Great blog! Have fun in Paris.

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