A nap between boxes

Monday, May, 18th.


Hello everybody from Paris!!!!


Back in Paris for the 3rd consecutive year and I am still excited!!! Well,I started my journey this morning from Munich and got picked up from my house at 8:30 am. Fortunately I had a direct flight from Munich to Paris and landed in Paris 1,5hs later. Straight to the Hilton hotel and how nice it was to see my crazy colleagues Renaud and Adam again!!!!

First day at a Grand Slam is always the lesser fun part as we had to set up our Wilson and Luxilon distribution room. Can you imagine that we shipped in over 1100KG of products packed into 100 cartoons on 7 pallets from different places like Chicago, Florence and Munich? WOW – a lot of products for our sponsored tour players!











So, we started to unpack those boxes, count the equipment and decorate the meeting room. It sounds like a lot of hard work and indeed it is a lot of hard work, but with some good music and some crazy guys around you still just have a lot of fun! It took us about 5 hours to finalize the set-up (including having a little nap between the boxes :0),

nap between boxes








but then we were so happy having created a nice distribution room for our players, which is going to open tomorrow!


– Biggi-

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