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Best Day of My Life by Bogdan Borza

Roger Federer and Bogdan Borza on the set of the Wilson shoot

Roger Federer and Bogdan Borza on the set of the Wilson Tennis shoot

The first time I heard about the Wilson shoot I was really excited. I couldn’t believe it was true! From that moment, I started to practice harder and harder .

When I arrived in Palm Springs, Tracy waited for me at the airport and she drove me to the hotel. On the road she told me about my schedule for next couple of days .

Next day, I woke up happy because I knew that it was going to be a really good day for me…..I played with David Goffin, Alexandr Dolgopolov and one of my favorite players in the world Grigor Dimitrov. After a long day I went to bed early because I knew that next day was gonna be awesome.

I woke up and I said:”Finally ! The biggest day of my life has arrived!”
On that day, I met Raquel and Bryce for the first time and I remember when we all went to the grass court to play. It was my first time to play on grass and I really enjoyed it.

When I met Roger for the first time, I was really excited. I tried to be perfect because I knew that I am going to make a videoshoot with “The Mr. Perfect.” My hair was supposed to be perfect and it was perfect. :)
When I heard that I was gonna hit the tweener between the legs, I was happy because it’s one of my favorite shots. I hit the tweener 12 times and I remember that one time I hit it between Roger and Raquel…..and I was really happy when I did that. At the end of the videoshoot, I gave the Romanian flag to Roger because I wanted to remind him that in his first week as number 1 in the world he played in Romania in Davis Cup.

I wanna thank Wilson Team for giving me the opportunity to play with the best player in history.

Thank you,

Outstanding 2012 Drives Momentum for Wilson Tennis Athlete and New Technology Success for 2013 Australian Open


Coming off an exceptional 2012 on tour and a year with considerable growth in Wilson’s business and brand position, Wilson Tennis (www.wilsontennis.com) is in top form for the Australian Open with defending women’s champion Victoria Azarenka, Wilson-career player Roger Federer and 2012 US Open winner Serena Williams, fresh off her title at the Brisbane International Tournament. With the introduction of new Blade™ rackets, along with the new Steam and top selling Juice® and Pro Staff® rackets, Wilson is positioned well to continue its growth in 2013.

“Our athletes had an incredible 2012,” said Jon Muir, general manager of Wilson Racquet Sports. “Combined with very strong business results, we have fantastic momentum heading into 2013 and the Australian Open. We developed an amazing pipeline of new products that drove our growth in 2012 and our player’s success on tour with these same products further fueled our development. We are looking forward to seeing some of our new technologies and new head to toe softgoods collections help our player’s success for the Australian Open and throughout 2013.”

Serena Williams continues her success with Wilson’s new Blade racket for 2013, winning the 2013 Brisbane event, which marks her 47th career title and extends her dominant performances to 35 wins in her last 36 matches.  Wilson tour players produced other milestones at Brisbane: Grigor Dimitrov broke through to the finals with the Pro Staff; and Kei Nishikori reached the semis playing with the Steam.

Heading into 2013, Wilson has also signed French player Gael Monfils, who has switched to Wilson’s new Blade racket along with Russian Vera Zvonareva, winner of last year’s Australian Open’s women’s doubles title, playing with the new Steam 99.   Along with Wilson’s new Blade and Steam racket ranges, Wilson’s head to toe players will be using the new Rush Pro shoe and wearing our spring season apparel collection.


Grigor Dimitrov visits Wilson in Chicago

Grigor’s Chicago visit has come to a close, but you know there was footage captured of the things we got into. Watch this video and follow Grigor throughout his trip to the Windy City.

Thank you!

Wilson family photo

Wilson family photo!
Mike Steck, Jon Muir, Grigor Dimitrov, Tracy Almeda-Singian, Ron Rocchi, Joel Disbro, Dianne Bieschke & Cory Springer

Hey there,

Well, it has been a great few days…. when work consists of getting to play at the Innovaton Center, going to Piccolo Sogno, sitting on the floor at the Bulls game, playing pool at Rockit, getting a private tour of the Art Institute, eating at Sunda and having a blast with one of our players… YEAH I consider myself pretty lucky.

When I started at Wilson, I did not know a single person here in Chicago and I have been fortunate enough to meet some really cool people in the city who have made my experience here an extremely positive one.

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank these people for not only helping us this week with Grigor Dimitrov’s Chicago adventures, but for also always taking care of me and helping put a smile on my face. Tony Priolo, Ciro Longobardo, Billy Dec, Holli Williams, Carson Kern, Chris Robbins, Chris Dilillo and Erica Hilbert…. THANK YOU.

And to our new friends who we have met through the people mentioned above and helped create some special experiences for Grigor, Vince Pusateri and Chai Lee, Thank you.

As I said in my previous post Grigor Dimitrov is an extremely talented tennis player and on top of that he is a super nice kid….here is what we learned about Grigor this week: he is pretty good with a putter, is a killer pool player (didn’t miss a shot), loves art that has skulls & angels and most importantly, he is TONS OF FUN! It was a blast to have him in Chicago and it’s GREAT to have him on the Wilson team!!!

I am extremely excited to share the video with you next week, so it’s into the editing room we go!!!

You ready Chris, Chris and Erica?!

Until later,


Grigor Dimitrov with Tony Priolo and Ciro Longobardo of Piccolo Sogno

Grigor Dimitrov with Tony Priolo and Ciro Longobardo of Piccolo Sogno

Grigor Dimitrov at the Art Institute of Chicago

Grigor Dimitrov at the Art Institute of Chicago

Vince, 'Wilsonita' and Grigor at the Chicago Bulls game

Vince, ‘Wilsonita’ and Grigor at the Chicago Bulls game

Alejandro, Grigor, Erica and Tracy at Sunda

Alejandro, Grigor, Erica and Tracy at Sunda

It’s all about heart


Hey there,

Well, in sports and in life… as Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire proves, it’s all about heart!!!

So here we are on a Monday night and we just finished an outstanding dinner with one of our top young guns Grigor Dimitrov and a few people from the office.

It is not very often that we spend time with our players in Chicago at Wilson HQ and this is a great opportunity for us to not only get more feedback on our products, but get more insight to the players and what they are about.

Tonight Grigor and the Wilson crew talked about favorite movies, the last meal we would have if we were stuck on a deserted island and all the important things to cover when at a dinner table! haha

It was a super fun dinner and really relaxed, which EVERYONE really needed.

Anyway, I am may be extremely biased about my opinion of Grigor, as we have worked closely together since he joined the Wilson team, but he is truly an AMAZING kid with SO MUCH HEART…. you can’t help but root for him and get on the ‘G-Train’!!!!! :P

For Grigor to make the effort to come to Chicago during the off season to spend time at Wilson HQ during his ‘vacation’,  it means a lot to us and shows his great character overall. It just shows how important his relationship with his sponsors are to him and truly speaks volumes of the type of person he is….. it really shows tremendous respect and understanding to supporters. There is no question Grigor is one of the most talented players out there… and on top of that, he has the personality and charisma to bring tennis to another level.

Grigor reached a career high of #48 this week on the ATP Tour and this clearly only the beginning for him.

Let’s hope he can elevate and show just the world exactly what he is capable of.

Until later,


ps I willwrite more later as tomorrow, we will have some fun stuff, but for now, enjoy the talent of the behind the back during a match!!!

Luck be a lady

Hey there,

Hope this entry finds everyone well. It’s been a while but I have good excuses! ;P

So I just got back from San Diego as I joined the Wilson crew at the last stop of our tour to show off our new 2013 tennis rackets to partners, dealers/retailers and a few select juniors and club players. It was super insightful to hear the feedback on our products and to see everyone get psyched about our new revolutionary racket technology. We also had the Tennis Channel there to check it out, which was rad! I am not going to get into detail about it just yet, but let’s just say the words of Dead or Alive, these new Wilson tennis rackets “SPIN YOU RIGHT ROUND!!!” ;)

And you will definitely hear more about it in the weeks to come…. but if you are super eager, you might want to keep an eye on Tennis Channel! ;)

But for now, let’s talk about my Wilson peeps…… we have all been grinding it hard, giving that one big final push to the end of year and making sure we are lined up properly to have a great 2013. The tough part? Saying Ciao to a couple of my favorite people, Mario Vergara & his wife Melissa. They have been a big part of enjoying Chicago and I will definitely miss them! Between them and Kenny leaving, I feel a bit abandoned…. The good news, there are some additions to the team to help us continue to grow in the online space and give a different perspective on the tennis life. In the next weeks, you will see entries and postings from our new Digital Specialist, Lauren Adermann. Please welcome her! :) I’m really excited to have another person to work closely with and we will also have another new member to the team, Anna, who will start in the next few weeks.

It’s been an extremely crazy 6-8 month GRIND, but seems like everything is finally coming together…

I have been quite reflective these past few weeks (might have something to do with getting a year older!) but I feel really lucky to have found my rhythm here in Chicago. The people I work with, the friends I have made, have really made it a fun experience. As most of my friends and family know, I am not a ‘winter lover’ and am a serious creature of habit, but right now I’m having a blast and can’t imagine being anywhere else.

I feel lucky to go to work and being excited to work with the team, bustin it, laughing and have intellectual debates on what we should do. If you enjoy and respect the people you work with, it’s a huge bonus. (Not sure if the crew feel the same about me, but anyway… ha) And out of the office, I have my spots. Piccolo Sogno AT LEAST once a week…Tony and Ciro are the best!!!! And Billy’s  Sunda & Underground when I feel like misbehaving… lol

Not sure why, but I have been always fortunate enough to have people look after me and they let me experience some cool s**t with them……and you will get to see  some of it coming up when Grigor Dimitrov hits Chicago with Wilson!! :) ….. More to come on that….

Until later,


Wilson General Manager Jon Muir doing an interview with Tennis Channel in San Diego

Wilson General Manager Jon Muir doing an interview with Tennis Channel in San Diego

Next Gen Lead Wilson Team into Semis

Wilson Next Gen are starting to come into their own and the 2012 Pro Staff & Juice tennis rackets continue to produce results.



Armed with her Wilson Blade 98, Next Gen’r Laura Robson reaches her 1st WTA semifinal in Palermo after defeating fellow Wilson player Carla Suarez Navarro 6-4 2-6 6-3.

Grigor Dimitrov swung his Wilson Pro Staff 95 to reach his 2nd ATP World Tour semifinal, defeating 3rd seed Ramos 7-6 7-3. He will now take on Ferrer for a spot in the Bastad final.


Alexandr Dolgopolov reaches the Umag semifinals after using his Wilson Pro Staff 95 to defeat Berlocq 6-4 6-4.

Wilson Exclusive athlete Barbora Zahlavova Strycova swung her Juice 100 into the Palermo semis

Jan Hajek reaches his 1st ATP World Tour semifinal of the year swinging the Wilson Juice to defeat Zopp 6-3 4-6 6-3

Want to celebrate Roger’s & Serena’s Wimbledon wins all day? Download their computer desktop wallpapers here

Wilson Next Gen Take Down Seeds

Wilson Next Gen continue to rise.
See who was able to pull the upsets at Wimbledon-Day 2.

Armed with his Wilson Pro Staff 95 tennis racket, Grigor Dimitrov  pulls the upset over 32nd seed Anderson 7-5 7-6(3) 6-7(4) 6-3.

Grigor Dimitrov plays with the Wilson Pro Staff 95 tennis racket

Looking stylish in the Wilson Tennis Timeless tank top, Kiki Bertens defeats 19th seed Lucie Safarova 6-3 6-0 to reach 2nd round.

Kiki Bertens plays with the Wilson Blade 98 Pink tennis racket

David Goffin used his Wilson Blade 98 tennis racket to take out 20th seed Tomic in four sets.

David Goffin plays with the Wilson Blade 98 tennis racket


Well, one thing that every tennis player has is an EXTREMELY competitive nature……That is part of the make-up of players and what makes pro athletes special and helps them push the envelope and accomplish things very few get to.

Victoria Azarenka has been competing at the top level this year, going undefeated since switching to the Wilson Juice tennis racket and showed an incredible amount of heart tonight coming from behind to defeat Cibulkova in three sets… Grigor Dimitrov completed his first win over a Top 10 player yesterday against, Berdych showing that he really has the heart and talent to play at the highest level.

We can only imagine the type of pressure that they feel when they step on the court, trying to control expectations and just play their game…. it’s not an easy thing. The thing I love about these two players is yes, they are ANIMALS on the court, but they still know how to have a good time and show their personality. Vika and Grigor are two funny people, who are a BLAST to be around…. It’s great for the sport and for us at Wilson….to have two really dynamic people on the team is MEGA. It really shows on camera and in the videos we do,  just how cool they all are and that they are people you would want to hang with for sure.

Kinda weird and ironic is that the fun part we do with our players, showing their personalities on video, that  is the competitive part for me and where I am super competitive….
Yes, I want our videos to be the most viewed and the most loved.  I want tennis players of all ages to like and pass along our vids to their dubs partners, everyone they know etc…. that’s how I can measure my success….

The past four years we have led the tennis brands in social media, but now it’s seriously getting competitive… hats off to our competitors for stepping up their games these past few months and now I have my hands full!!! And it’s getting interesting. :)

Do I want to do the best I can for Wilson? YES. Do we want to be the most engaging? YES.  Do we want to make you smile? YES. Do we want you to love Wilson? YES!!!!

I get to be competitive about FUN and LOVE everyday….hahahaha…. so here are the latest videos we hope you LOVE to enjoy and share!! :)

Until later,




Wilson’s Next Gen move on at Sony Ericsson Open

Wilson’s Next Gen are tennis superstars in the making.

See which players are starting to come into their own.



Playing with her Wilson Six.One 95, 17 year old Madison Keys made her way through qualifying and defeated Rybarikova 6-7 6-2 6-1 to reach the 2nd round of Sony Ericsson Open. Madison will now take on 5th seed Radwanska.


Madison Keys plays with Wilson Six.One 95

Madison Keys plays with Wilson Six.One 95



Armed with his Wilson Pro Staff 95, 20 year old Grigor Dimitrov defeats Kukushkin 6-2 6-2 to reach the 2nd round and will now take on 29th seed Chela.


Grigor Dimitrov plays with Wilson Pro Staff 95

Grigor Dimitrov plays with Wilson Pro Staff 95


21 year old Simona Halep swings her Wilson Pro Staff 100 to victory over Carla Suarez Navarro and will take on Petrova for a spot in the 3rd round of Sony Ericsson Open.


Simona Halep plays with Wilson Pro Staff 100

Simona Halep plays with Wilson Pro Staff 100


20 year old Ksenia Pervak used her Wilson Tour to defeat Anastasiya Yakimova 6-4 6-0. Ksenia will now play 11th seed Schiavone.

Ksenia Pervak plays with Wilson Tour

Ksenia Pervak plays with Wilson Tour



Grigor Dimitrov & Alexandr Dolgopolov love to have fun. Click here to watch this fun video